4 Things People Forget During A Move


Leaving your old home behind and moving into a new one could be a scary proposition. You need to pack up your life and shift it elsewhere. That’s easier said than done. How are you supposed to pack your belongings, the proof of your existence, into tiny little boxes and hand them over to the movers? Am I the only one who thinks this is absurd? Well, you’re not left with much of a choice, so why not? Here are 4 things people don’t think of when relocating.

Cost of Relocating


One of the things that is greatly underestimated during a relocation is the cost. You don’t think relocating could cost a lot, until you have to pay for it. It’s a mistake everyone makes, so don’t feel bad. Before calling the moving company, it’s best to estimate the cost of relocation yourself. This will give you a ball park figure to work with when you’re negotiating with various movers. Also, take into consideration interstate travel costs, if there are any. Once you’ve done the math yourself, you can take quotes from different moving companies.

Inconvenience of Relocating

We all know relocating is inconvenient. However, some of us don’t know how inconvenient it can be. For example, when my family moved to a new city we arrived there before our belongings did. Due to the late arrival of the shipment we were forced to live in a hotel for a few days. That just added to the cost of relocation. If you’re going to hire a moving company you better make sure they deliver on time. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck waiting for your shipment to arrive in an empty house. That’s a bad start for your new home, don’t you think?

Damage during Relocation

Shattered Dream

When we talk about damage we’re not talking about the damage to your shipment. We’re talking about the damage to your home. When heavy furniture is being brought into your home there’s a chance that there might be damage to your walls and windows. If your window gets shattered while moving in your couch you’ll need to get replacement windows. You need to be present to supervise the movers when your furniture is being brought in. This will reduce the chances of accidental damage to your home. It’ll also inspire the movers to be more careful with the furniture.

Renovation after Relocating

There’s always some amount of renovation needed after relocating. That’s an aspect of relocation that many people aren’t aware of. You best brace yourself because once the furniture’s been moved in you’ll feel like changing the décor of the house. There are always some personal changes that you feel you need to make for the house to become your own. All I can say is that don’t get carried away and spend too much money. You’ve already spent a lot relocating. And if you’re renting the place then I suggest you don’t change a thing, because you’re not going to be there for long.

Relocating can sometimes offer more that what you bargained for. The scenarios mentioned here should give you some idea of what to expect.

Shruti Vaghe is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Sidetex, leading providers of replacement windows in Connecticut. She has a very dynamic personality and she enjoys trying new things. You can follow her on Twitter @ShrutiVaghe.