3 Tips For Packing And Moving Your Plants

moving plants

How to pack and move your plants

Packing and moving your plants can be a challenge for any move. Even for a cross-town move, it is possible to damage your planters or even kill your plants if you do not do things carefully. If you follow these tips, your plants should be making the trip to your new home with no issues to speak of.

Protect Your Pots

If your plants happen to live inside some kind of glass or ceramic planter, you’re going to want to be very careful to not break it. If your particular plant is within a plastic planter, and has a breakable planter that it all sits inside – it is best to remove the plastic before you attempt to move it. You should be wrapping your planters in moving pads or bubble wrap, depending on it’s size and fragility.

If your plant does not have anything between it and the glass or ceramic planter, you need to make sure that you put it in a very safe spot. The back of a moving truck can be very tough, and if the truck takes one bad bump, it could shatter your pot and cause your plant to die and dirt and debris to make a mess over the truck. You are much better off moving this in a smaller, personal vehicle. It almost guarantees that the bumps are going to be lighter than they would be in the truck. You should still use as much padding as you can to wrap around the pots and prevent them from bumping anything.

Make It Quick! 

It is not safe for plants to stay in the back of a moving truck. It gets hot, the pots can get damaged, the dirt can wind up all over your stuff, and it can be difficult to maintain air quality in the back of the truck. We always recommend loading up your plants last and unloading them first, so they spend as little time as possible in the moving truck (or even your own vehicle).

If you are planning a long distance move – you may want to consider selling or giving your plants away before the move. Being stuck in the back of a truck for a couple days could shock and kill the plants. It is very difficult to maintain the temperature, moisture, and other elements for the plants, and only the most resilient of plants will survive a long distance move in a moving truck.

Contain That Dirt! 

We recommend putting the entire pot and plant inside a larger trash or contractor bag. That will keep all the dirt and debris in one isolated location, and help to keep that type of stuff from getting on your furniture.