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3 Tips Everyone Should Know Before Moving Furniture

If you’re planning a move, you might be thinking about moving furniture on your own. While we personally think things tend to be smoother and easier with the assistance of a professional moving company, we’d still like to offer some tips to those of you who’d prefer to Do-It-Yourself. 

1. Don’t Overload Anything

This is very important for a few reasons. First and foremost – safety; trying to carry something of substantial weight can be risky. Even more-so if you have to go up or down any stairs. Emptying the dresser drawers can make it much more manageable to carry and lower the risk of injury or damages.

Also – trying to move a piece of furniture that is weighed down – even by clothes or linens – can weaken the structural integrity of the piece. We’ve seen pieces of furniture bend and buckle under their own weight, when simply emptying them out prior to moving would have prevented any damage.

As a general rule of thumb – drawers should be no more than half full and only with clothing or linens. Anything that could rattle around and get stuck somewhere or break something needs to be packed securely into a box.

2. Secure The Drawers & Doors

We’ve seen it happen a million times; you pick up a dresser and tilt it to move it, then the drawers come flying out. No matter how tight or secure they may seem, you really need to secure the drawers and doors with tape, shrink wrap, or moving elastics. It will prevent damages to the furniture and also help prevent any injuries.

3. Use Lifting Straps For Hard-To-Grip Pieces

Lifting straps can really make your moving process go a lot smoother. With items like refrigerators, washers,dryers, or other appliances, the bottom can be sharp and not offer anything decent to grip onto. For large pieces like armoires or entertainment centers, lifting from the bottom won’t be an option because of the height.

Using lifting straps (or moving straps) can really make these types of items a cinch to move. You would use two straps and cross them underneath the piece. You can wrap them around your hands to adjust the height and grip you have on the item. This makes it very easy to lift with your legs without straining your back.

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