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2 Things Everyone Should Know When Moving To Boston

Nobody knows more about moving to Boston than us. We’ve been in the business of moving people to Boston or from Boston for over ten years. Today’s blog is going to offer you three things that you (and everyone) should know if you’re going to move to Boston.

1. Permits, Permits, Permits

Once you have the move date for your move to Boston, you’re most likely going to need a parking permit for moving day. We know from experience that the metermaids in the city can be pretty relentless. You don’t want to get stuck with hundreds of dollars in commercial parking violations on your moving day.

If you plan on having a car, you’re most likely going to need a Resident Parking Permit as well. Unless you can park in a driveway or parking lot any time, you’re going to want to get this taken care of right away. We’ve seen quite a few people who try to put this off for a few weeks or a month, and it always turns into a problem.

You can obtain either of these permits at Boston City Hall. You no longer need to be bonded in order to obtain a moving permit, you just need to bring two checks. The Resident Permit is a bit trickier – you will need to have a recurring piece of mail (like a bill) in your name to your Boston address.

Don’t Bring A Moving Truck Onto Storrow Drive or Memorial Drive

If you’ve driven around Boston much, you’ve most likely used Storrow Drive or Memorial. They are two of the quickest ways to get around different areas of Boston. However, both of these streets do not allow trucks. There are low bridges and underpasses.

There are many other streets in Boston which do not allow trucks, but these two are two of the most frequently traveled streets in Boston. Sometimes when people rent a truck for moving, they don’t fully realize that they can’t drive it everywhere that they can drive a car.

Trust me – the last thing you want is for to be writing articles about how you got a truck stuck under one of the bridges. The image to the right was actually on Storrow Drive, from WHDH in Boston. Don’t let it happen to you!

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